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We have chosen to breed and raise miniature jersey cattle since we feel that they are a wonderful homestead

cow for a small amount of property. A good family milk cow is efficient, easy to care for, and provides a steady

source of milk for family use.  Our cows are well  suited for small spaces .

With a higher fat and protein content in their milk, jerseys provide a wonderful product for 

making butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and of course drinking. 


We currently have seven registered miniature jersey girls in our herd.  We breed for a true miniature animals

(under 42" tall at the hip), correct conformation, polled (hornless), well attached udder and dairy genetics,

as well as A2A2 beta casein.  All of our cows are handled and halter broken.   

All of our animals are genetically tested and contain all jersey genetics. 

Our girls are the result of jersey cattle selectively bred for smaller statue and are not jersey crosses.

***Our entire herd annually tests free from TB/Bovine Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Johnes, BVD/Bovine Viral Diarrhoea,

BLV/Bovine Lukosis Virus, and are negative for the BD1 (Bulldog Gene) ***  


Blondie   DOB 2016

BBR: 93 / Height: 40.5" / Dehorned

Milk Proteins: A1A2, BB/BB

Registered: MJHB, AJCA

(Confirmed bred to "Frazier's Credential Rio" for a July 2020 calf)

Lola   DOB 2016

BBR: 91 /  Height: 40" / Pf/H

Milk Proteins: A2A2, AA/BB

Registered: MJHB, AJCA, IMCBR

(Confirmed bred to "TDH Dino Smurf"

for an Aug 2020 calf)


Rapunzel   DOB 2016

BBR: 92 /  Height: 41.5" / Pf/Pf

Milk Proteins: A1A2, BB/BB

Registered: MJHB, AJCA, AMJA

(Confirmed bred to Sunshine Acres Loyal

for a Sept 2020 calf)

Venus  DOB 2016
BBR: 100 / Height: 39.5" / Pf/H
Milk Proteins: A1A2, BB/AB 
Registered: IMCBR, AJCA
(calved on 03/02/2020 w/ a tiny hefier
calf see below)
Millie   DOB 2017
BBR: 93 / Height: 37" / Pf/H
Milk Proteins: A2A2, BB/BB
Registered: MJHB, IMCBR, AJCA
DAISY   DOB 2012
BBR: 100 /Height: 40.5" / Pf/H
Milk Proteins: A1A2
DOB: 03/02/2020
Sex: Heifer  /   BBR: 92
Height: 20.5" @ birth
Polled: Homozygous Polled (Pf/Pf)
Milk Proteins: A2A2 BB/BB  
Registered: AMJA 

2020 Calves