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FOR SALE  $4500 (Available July 24,2020)

 GBF Blondie   DOB 2016

BBR: 93 / Height: 40.5" / Dehorned

Milk Proteins: A1A2, BB/BB

Registered: MJHB, AJCA

Blondie has nice conformation, a beautiful color and rates the highest for milk yield of all of my cows.  I have never milked her.  When I got her she was pretty wild.  She will now lead, tie, and let me pet her but she isn't super friendly and requires a bucket of grain to catch. 

She is disease free as of March 2020 (test results available) and is registered with AJCA and MJHB.  

Blondie's price reflective of her need for additional training/work and not her quality :)   Please msg for details.

She will be sold in milk with 2 semen straws of your choice from storage to be bred back :) 

FOR SALE $5500

(Available 9/20/20)

She will be sold in milk with 2 semen straws

of your choice from storage to be bred back :) 

FOR SALE $4000 (Available June 15, 2020)
Taylor's Silly Millie   DOB 2017
BBR: 93 / Height: 37" / Pf/H
Milk Proteins: A2A2, BB/BB
Registered: MJHB, IMCBR, AJCA

Millie is by far the shortest heifer on the farm.  She has the coveted A2A2 BB/BB milk proteins combination and is naturally hornless (Pf/H).  I have attempted to have her artificially inseminated 3 times and she has not settled.  She is NOT a free martin, and ovulates normally on schedule.  She is out of DC Taylor's Alpha and a Ralph Martin cow so the pedigree is there.   


She would do well on a farm with a bull OR as an embryo flush cow.   She has had a fertility exam and passed with no abnormalities or issues detected.  She is currently open.  Because of her high BBR93, with the right bull she will produce BBR100 calves.

4 semen straws from polled mini jersey bull, "Rush Farms Kristoff" available.

$300 for all 4

Please email for details.

Rush Farm's Kristoff 

DOB 2014 /  Hetero Polled

Height 41"(top of hip) @ 41 mos

Beta Casein: A2A2 / Reg: MJHB

4 Conventional Straws Available